Web Apps Development

Our company offers high end design services and programming on a very affordable price. We provide our customers with an

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Logo Design

We design logos that leaves a impring on viewer's mind. We take the process seriously and always put client first

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Mobile Apps Development

We design and develop apps for android as well as iOS. We convert existing web app to mobile app too.

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E-Commerce Development

We have experience building ecommerce sites of all sizes. We use robust tools and our combiled 12-year experience to tackle

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Web Promotion

Your website can reach more people if it is optimized to take maximum benefits of what terms people are searching

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Data Conversion

Computing castle has extensive experience in handling data of all types for customers across many industries.

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Computing Castle is a one stop provider of Information Management, Enterprise Solution (application-development, application support and maintenance, re-engineering, IT outsourcing) and testing solutions. We also provide expert IT enterprise solution to efficiently manage the cost and/or to mitigate the risks that exist in evolving companies.



Unlike other companies our motivation didn’t come from planned intention but rather from the sheer passion of youths who wanted to make a mark in the field. Without a fully fledged agenda and unstable finance, Computing Castle saw its birth in the summer of 2013.

During the initial stages of the company we worked from a small living room with plain wooden chairs as our office chairs and a dining table which became our conference table. We spent our days filled with discussions and hard work to redesign the future of IT solutions. The company only had a handful of clients to start with; virtual address was the only proof of our existence but over the years we have earned the trust of many clients. The journey that began from a cramped living room now extends to a big office.



Computing Castle comes with a cumulative experience of 35 man years from various backgrounds. We are a dynamic, result oriented and creative group of professionals. Our team is always ready to comply with the wishes of the customers while maintaining a persistent quality in our work.


  • R. Dr. António José de Almeida 29B
  • 3rd Floor Number 1, 2805-248
  • Almada, Portugal

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